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chess board


Every game needs a playland.
By now our game is using a classic board where easily you can adapt the rest of the game stuff in context.




One of the most important elements to prepare before starting... is getting your marbles bag ready!
Colors and styles, all here.


color cards


We are releasing the hottest card pack ever. Featuring shapes, colors, and numbers. All for multiple possible combinations in desk.
Go for yours!



All that I need after work in my ghoulish plans is a perfect way to entertain me. Somnia has been a marvelous emulator of how to easily and macabre can be turning the world as your mood.
This is actually as ancient as we can imagine it. Old and more advanced civilizations used this method to create serious arrangments. Few things funnier than this game currently exist in the universe.
I got the honor of play it for a brief bit. Advancing through the next centuries it is going to become an immortal game between rational cultures. Somnia would be the cornerstone of several thousands of technological queries.
Remember my past adventurer season. I was dealing with totemic beings trying to bet for my head. Then, understanding Somnia's rules brought me the advantage and consequently the victory. This is God's Game.
Most of the time my students need incentives to explore their reaches and grow-up professionally. Somnia has converted them in reasoning people with life goals. Perhaps it will be the next generation tool for academics and work teams.